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Private Detective Agency In Coimbatore

Corporate Syndicates Detective Agency operating service in Coimbatore is one of leading service provider in investigation department with confidential and integrity of secret investigation assignment. Detective agency in Coimbatore has highly professional and experienced private detective offering service in private investigation, Background verification, Personal level, spouse cheating issues, Business verification of suspected partner, assets verification, criminal investigation, legal and illegal business service. Coimbatore is one of best city in Tamilnadu state which is locate in south of India and this is beautiful city, amazing tourist place and having world class leading information technology. Coimbatore is also known as Cotton city in India, There is a lot of company who is working business of domestic and international markets. There a lot of case coming for spouse cheating matters as we have seen in past day and that work is done by private investigator with confidential level. Private detective in Coimbatore is doing investigation in filed since last twelve years of experience in this area and all clients has got satisfaction by their confidential result. Detective in Coimbatore is best authentic level intelligence private detective with best private detectives in Coimbatore, providing services in core filed like Corporate, Matrimonial investigation services, Missing person and Finance checking of case with genuine proof of works.

Pre Matrimonial Screening

The Pre Matrimonial Screening are very much essential in the current social environment where marriage proposals are mostly finalised through matrimonial consultants and websites which is leading to making very crucial life partner decisions based on the word of mouth from the strangers.Hence, it is imperative to obtain an independently vouched second opinion from the professionals who are capable of providing meticulous analysis of the conduct, character, career, health and wealth of their future life partners after careful investigation.

Post Matrimonial Disputes

Post Matrimonial Disputes are developed frequently due to the suspected activities of life partners or concealed information breaching the trust of marriage. Our Post Matrimonial investigation services offer post-marital detailed enquiries, providing the circumstantial evidence regarding the personal and financial status of spouses and exploring the possibilities of any extra-marital affairs and illicit relationships.rnWe offer our world class investigative capabilities to find out the right information every time for our valuable clients.


Our Character Reports are proven effective and efficient about individuals,existing and prospective future employees, business partners to eliminate the various risks and threats, maintain corporate competitive edge in the market place. Most financial institutions rely on our detailed reports to recruit the best incumbents most suited for the job to eliminate fraud and embezzlement potentially committed by their right time by ensuring absolute care and confidentiality all the time whilst rendering our most trusted professional service.


Our Team is well equipped with modern gadgets and technology to sharply observe the movements of each individuals and person of interest as desired by our clients and capture both video and photographic evidence. Corporates facing the potential risk of preserving their own valuable information and interests from their competitors or litigant who could be harmful are well protected by availing our valuable surveillance services.

Fraud Investigation

We are an experienced independent Investigators of Theft and Fraud to safeguard your assets and market credibility from your Internal and External Stakeholders. Financial Institutions and Corporations find it invaluable to have an Independent Experts who have detailed knowledge and experience to detect and prevent fraud by your employees and associates in the current environment.

Background Screening

Corporate Syndicates Background Screening Program has proven a position of eminence with organisations across the world. Judging from the high level of confidence, these organizationsare now able to repose in the performance potential of their human resources. Global Background Screening Program is a timely step with inestimable economic and strategic advantages to an Organization.